2 Day Tour
2 Day 1 Night Tour
The highlight : Visit the elephants(No Riding), trekking at less touristy mountain, trekking in dense&lush jungle, the stunning views, homestay, experience the lifestyle of the welcoming local people, multi- diverse culture, relaxed bamboo rafting.

Day 1
- 8:00 am. pick up at a hotel lobby/a meeting point in Chiang Mai.
- About 1.30 hour drive to the elephant camp in the mountain. On the way to the elephant camp, we will stop at a local market and buy some fresh materials (for 2 days cooking). You will be able to see the authentic Thai way of living through the market.
- Our tour guide will provide you interesting facts and information about the Thai Elephants. So you might have some background about them. After that you can interact with the friendly and charming elephants. You will be able to warmheartedly feed, bathe, swim, and play with the elephants closely and collaborate and mingle with the locals. This tour plan is the best one if you are looking for the opportunity to get close and interact with the so-called symbolic animal of Thailand, elephant in a stunning and peaceful location. 
- We will have lunch at the elephant camp and stay with the lively ethical elephants until 3:00 p.m. in a stunningly beautiful surroundings at gracious Thai tropical forest environment. It is situated on a wild horizon wildlife estate. 
- On the first day, we will be trekking for 2.30 hours in the mysteriously stunning forest. We will start trekking from the elephant camp to the hill tribe village where we will stay overnight here. During the 2.30 hours trekking adventure, you will be able to enjoy a breathtaking gorgeous mountain scenery, the farming area such as the organic rice field, absolutely amazing nature, and wild fauna and flora. The activities will allow you to explore Thai’s exotic plants amidst the tranquil surroundings and natural beauty of northern Thai area.
- In the evening, our responsive tour guide will be a cooking teacher to teach you how to cook your dinner. You also will learn about Thai cuisine (including herbs) and the heart of cooking behind each bite. We will spend the night at the traditionally native hill tribe village and spend a wonderful time with the local people among stunning atmosphere in the mountain. This trip is really worth going for those who fond of a laid- back but unforgettable activities in a private layout.
Day 2
- Have breakfast around 8:00 – 8:30 a.m. before we are ready to jump up and kick off our trip. Before and after the breakfast, we also have some time to wander around the village and have some interacts with other local people, and experience the lifestyle in the remoted rural area. Various stories from the passionate tour guide persons will be told to passionate travelers.
- After breakfast, we start our 4 - 5 hour trekking from the village through the abundant forest. Our courteous tour guide can show and explain you some interesting detail of the amazing nature along the nature trail. And we will take a break at a waterfall and swim in the midst of the greenery forest. After refreshing at the waterfall, we will continually head to the trekking place in which we will meet our driver and then, take a short drive to a local restaurant to enjoy the wonderful varieties of delicious lunch. Another main recommended and highlighted activity for the day is the relaxing bamboo rafting which suits the persons who like a quiet and relaxing yet exciting activity. After lunch, you will be able to enjoy the 1 hour of the bamboo rafting and experience the timelessly beautiful scenery along the sides of the river among the awesome mountains. This tour permits you to enjoy every minute to embrace with the fantastic nature and enjoy the unforgettable outdoor activities of an escape away from the city, an experience you will never forget! This tour offers extremely top class service and highly recommended to those who want an actively amazing lifetime experience which worth every penny of paying beyond your imagine!
- Change your clothes and go back to the city. You will be arriving back to the hotel around 5 p.m. and relaxingly end the day.

The tour included : pick up & drop off shutters at the hotel, gasoline, a driver, an English Speaking guide, 4 meals(If you are a vegetarian we also can provide you a vegetarian meal), homestay, the elephant interaction, bamboo rafting, drinking water, travel insurance, all entrance fees.
***We guarantee that our price is valuably worth paying and that you can get more that you can imagine!
What to bring : a rucksack, tennis shoes, socks, sandals, shorts, pants, t-shirts, a long-sleeve shirt, toiletries, mosquito repellent, flashlight, towel, swimsuit, a copy of your passport, the extra clothes, etc.
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